Panic Bars

6 Benefits of Panic Bars

Panic bars are seen in large public buildings such as offices, shops, schools and hospitals. These safety devices are also referred to as push bars or crash bars. The bars are spring loaded and are usually placed horizontally across an exterior door. When the bar is pushed down, the door opens, allowing wide and easy access to the outdoer space.

Below we share with you 6 benefits of panic bars.

  1. Safety

The main benefit when you fit push bars to your building is that of sodded safety. They aid with the streamlining of any evacuation during an emergency, plus they keep unwanted individuals from your premises. When you need to get large amounts of people out of your building, but quickly, fitting a panic bar will allow the door to open quickly and easily.

  1. Affordable

Many individuals wrongly assume that panic bars are expensive, but this is simply not true. Buying these bars is fairly inexpensive, and you can pay as little as £75 for a small bar. Getting then fitted by a locksmith is also fairly cheap, and if you are having multiple crash bars fitted, then you most likely will receive a discount.

  1. Lowers insurance rates

When you improve your building’s security and safety, then insurance premiums should go down. As the panic bar does both of these tasks, you should end up paying less for your insurance rates. Just ensure that you have them installed correctly and have the necessary certificates once the job is completed.

  1. Easy to operate

Another huge benefit is that these bars are incredibly easy to operate. This means that a child, or an elderly person would be able to push down on the bar, in order to open the door, in an emergency situation. They also only require the one movement, which is to push down on them, so when there is an emergency, opening the door is based upon a reflex action, keeping everyone safe.

  1. Choice of panic bar

There is so much choice and variety when it comes to the panic bar. Some are fitted with an alarm, while others can be placed vertically on the door, so ideal for smaller doors. With so many different types of push bars available, you should be able to find one that is suitable for your needs.

  1. Added security

The final benefit has to be that of added security. Many premises use their panic bar as an added alarm system. So, if someone does manage to break in and wishes to escape via the door fitted with a push bar, then an alarm will be sounded. If someone attempts to break in via the crash bars, then once again, the alarm will be sounded, helping to prevent unwanted burglaries.

We hope that you have found these 6 benefits useful, and that you now understand more about push bars.