Home park design

What is Home park design and its information

The Home Development Standards and Design Criteria is applicable to all projects seeking the Agency’s financial assistance for construction of mobile home parks located in the unincorporated Riverside County. Mobile home parks developed under the Plano Bill are limited to a maximum of 12 mobile home park spaces, plus a main unit and second unit on the site, provided that Zoning allows for a main unit and second unit on the site. The home park design main unit and second unit must be filed under a separate application. Agency funding is also available for larger projects of 15 or more mobile home park spaces that are developed under the County’s existing zoning process. Storage London

The Agency is committed to assisting qualifying applicants with financial assistance for the rehabilitation or with the construction of a new mobile home park design. In order to qualify for funding the applicants proposed project must meet the minimum requirements as set forth in the Riverside County Zoning Ordinance for Mobile Home Parks, and/or the Plano Bill if applicable, and the applicant must apply the criteria set forth in the Mobile Home Development Standards and Design Criteria. The purpose of these additional standards and criteria is to ensure projects receiving Agency funding achieve and maintain an elevated level of quality, liveability and appearance. All streets within a mobile home park and perimeter public streets shall be paved with asphalt concrete and shall be developed to County standards and specifications.

Minimum paving thickness of all streets shall be per specifications Section 8.07 of Riverside County Ordinance No. 461. All streets and access drives within a mobile home park shall be privately owned and maintained by the property owner(s) of the mobile home park, or other private entity. Adequate traffic circulation to and within the development for emergency and protective services, including fire and police equipment, shall be provided and approved by the County public works director. Any gates blocking any entrance or exit to a public street shall have an approved breakaway device for emergency public safety vehicles. The breakaway gate shall be approved by the public works director. Removal experts