Walking to Work Comfortably

Getting yourself to and from work each day can either be a frustrating, agonizingly slow commute in your car, or a brisk, enjoyable form of exercise. But, if you want to make sure that when you show up to work you are not burdened by carrying in an extra pair of dress shoes, or even worse, looking unprofessional simply for wanting to take a walk in the morning, you need to invest in dual purpose shoes. Thankfully, The Walking Company has thought this all out for you.

To start your day out right, a little bit of cardio through a morning walk is really the ticket for everyone. By getting in a 20-30 minute walk in the morning, you will find your blood flow is enhanced, giving you more energy and a quicker brain. Rather than sit in your car and struggle to stave off a morning nap before even arriving at work, instead wake yourself up properly without the aid of coffee at all.

But, of course, you need the proper equipment to continue enjoying this walk day in and day out. Just as you can not possibly walk to work in your dress shoes and show up without feet that are completely throbbing in pain, you also cannot realistically wear a pair of hiking boots to work and carry in a spare pair to change into, without making a painful scene at the office.

To get the best of both worlds and enjoy that morning walk for all of the right reasons, just check out a pair of professional-looking shoes from The Walking Company. And if you are worried that this hybrid shoe is going to cut into your budget too much, check out The Walking Company’s Groupon Coupons page, where you will find amazing deals, such as $40 off of Dansko Professional clogs. It really does not get much better than that.

There is simply no need for you to start your day the same way as the masses – stuck in your car in traffic, wishing you could get a little fresh air before being shut into the office all day. Instead, utilize public transportation and get a couple of short walks in before you sit down for the day. And who knows? Maybe you will be inspired to do the same on your way home.